100 years ago

08 juni 2010
100 years since the Fram left for the South Pole!

150 descendants of the Fram’s crew at Roald Amundsen’s house in Svartskog


 Photo: FM/E.Kjærnes

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Fram’s departure for the South Pole, the Fram Museum invited 150 descendants of the Fram’s crew to a garden party at Roald Amundsen’s house in Svartskog. The party took place in the evening on June 6, exactly 100 years after the garden party Amundsen organized for his crew and their families at the same place.

Among the many descendants participating, the guest list included Astrid Mimmi Stubberud (102), daughter of Jørgen Stubberud, and Signe Nordbø (94), daughter of Halvardus Kristensen.



Astrid Mimmi Stubberud (102)

Signe Nordbø (94)

The emotional evening included descendents of Roald Amundsen, Olav Bjaaland and Oscar Wisting reading from their ancestors’ diaries from the South Pole expedition. The chairman of the Fram Museum, Olav Orheim, talked about the Fram Museum in connection with the Nansen and Amundsen anniversaries in 2011, and his meeting with the longest living member of the Fram’s crew, Jørgen Stubberud. The director of the Fram Museum, Geir O. Kløver, launched Roald Amundsen’s personal diary from the South Pole expedition, published in the original Norwegian and an English translation.

People enjoying the exhibition Cold Recall in Roald Amundsen's garden in Svartskog


Photo: FM/E.Kjærnes

The original films from both Roald Amundsen’s and Robert F. Scott’s South Pole expeditions were shown in separate tents. Another tent was dedicated to the video “Terra Nova” by the Leeds-based band I Like Trains.

The party was organised in cooperation with the Follo Museum.

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People going to the anniversary and people watching the outdoor exhibition




Roald Amundsen's home





"Seier venter den, som har alt i orden - held kalder man det.
Nederlag er en absolutt følge for den, som har forsømt at ta de nødvendige forholdsregler i tide - uheld kaldes det"

Roald Amundsen

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