Polar Explorers

The Second Fram Expedition (1898-1902)

Otto Sverdrup took the Fram to northwest Greenland and the islands north of the Canadian mainland.

The 16 expedition members carried out an extensive programme of mapping and scientific investigations for four years.

Adolf Henrik Lindstrøm
Edvard Bay
Gunnar (Gunnerius Ingvald) Isachsen
Herman Georg Simmons
Ivar Fosheim
Jacob Nødtvedt
Johan Svendsen
Karl Olsen
Oluf Raanes
Otto Sverdrup
Ove Braskerud
Peder Hendriksen
Per Schei
Rudolf Stolz
Victor Baumann

"Victory awaits him, who has everything in order - luck we call it.  Defeat is definitely due for him, who has neglected to take the necessary precautions - bad luck we call it"

Roald Amundsen

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