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The Fram Museum presents its brand new permanent exhibition!

The permanent exhibition in the Fram Museum has been given a completely new look. The famous expeditions with the Fram which were led by Fridtjof Nansen, Roald Amundsen and Otto Sverdrup are now presented in a new way, with photographs, film and light effects. The historical artefacts have been given more exciting settings and two 15 m² large models of the Fram and her crew in the Arctic ice, and of Captain Scott’s motor sledge on the Antarctic Barrier, are great attractions for both young and old.

The model of the Fram in the ice on her first expedition

Scott-modell-1.jpg The model of Captain Scott’s motor sledge on the Antarctic Barrier

The twin of Amundsen’s South Pole tent is now exhibited – also this one made by Amundsen’s sail maker and sewing genius Martin Rønne – and is the only possibility that exists to see the as-close-as-possible authentic tent which now lies in the ice at the South Pole.


Model of the twin of Amundsen’s South Pole tent

Framheim, Amundsen’s base in the Antarctic, has been recreated on film so that visitors can peep into the workrooms that the men dug out under the ice and see their preparations for the South Pole sledge trip. In addition you can see part of Lindstrøm’s famous kitchen in the Framheim hut.


Model of Lindstrøm's Kitchen in Framheim

The techniques of navigation into unknown regions without modern aids are explained with the display of the historic instruments. In the same way the scientific work that was carried out on the expeditions is described beside the actual instruments that were used and the biographies of the scientists themselves. 

More space is devoted to the other expedition members, to the less well-known Norwegian polar explorers including Eivind Astrup, C.A. Larsen and Carsten Borchgrevink, and to the men who made the expeditions possible, such as Axel Heiberg, the Ringnes brothers and Don Pedro Christophersen.

riffen-i-explorer.jpgThe Explorers' Club where you can study uniqe images from the polar expeditions

Thanks to the generosity of the families of the polar explorers, the Fram Museum is proud to present artefacts that have never been permanently exhibited before. These include an example of the first fossils found in Antarctica by C.A. Larsen, Carsten Borchgrevink’s and Eivind Astrup’s rifles, and the toy monkey that was the mascot on Roald Amundsen’s N24 aircraft in 1925. The six men in two planes were stranded on the Arctic ice at 87°43' N and had to leave behind them absolutely everything that was unnecessary weight as they set off all in the one plane to reach back to Svalbard. Despite this, Leif Dietrichson felt he had to bring the monkey back, hidden in his jacket. It is now on display for the first time.

New exciting displays throughout the museum

Not least, visitors can try something completely different! They can enter our Dark Walk where, in a temperature of -10° C, they can experience a ship-borne expedition that went wrong, with the awful consequences that it had.

And at the end, when you need to know even more, the Fram Museum still has the largest collection of polar books on sale.

"Victory awaits him, who has everything in order - luck we call it.  Defeat is definitely due for him, who has neglected to take the necessary precautions - bad luck we call it"

Roald Amundsen

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